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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  September 19, 2017 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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and then we talk about the upcoming health enrollment time and the rising cost of ♪ host: good morning. it's tuesday, september 19, 2017. the house remains on a district work period this week. the senate is back after democrats kept the chamber open until 11:00 last night speaking against the latest health care replacement bill. we begin discussing hillary clinton and her book tour. night the former secretary of state was back in washington, d.c. for an appearance to discuss the book, the campaign and her views on the administration. we want to hear your view on hillary clinton's book.
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give us a call this morning. democrats (202) 748-8000, republicans (202) 748-8001, independents (202) 748-8002. you can also catch up with us on social media. good tuesday morning. we want to hear your view on hillary clinton's book and book tour. the book, what happened. last night in washington, d.c. hillary clinton had one of her appearances in the scene was described this morning in the washington times. clinton supporters lined up well before the doors opened. inside the event almost had the feeling of a campaign rally.
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when mrs. clinton arrived on gave her arowd standing ovation that lasted nearly two minutes. talking about her concerns about the direction of the country. to another lost republican candidate. somebody had emerged from the republican primary i would have felt bad. i would have really been disappointed but i wouldn't have worried about the fundamental of our country, our institutions, our rule of law. in this imperative of reason that motivated our founders and which is still absolutely essential. i think this became a resonant theme with me because you can disagree about policies. you can disagree about all kinds of things. begin to chip away
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at the basis of our government's functioning and our democratic norms without paying a very big price. in the books you won't be surprised. i mention the handmaid's tale. i mention 1984. i mention brave new world. say ie i want readers to may not agree with everything she says but i have to agree with the fundamental premise that we can't sacrifice truth and facts on the altar of partisanship and the desire on the part of a particular president and his administration to control the news. to undermine the first amendment. to create this alternate reality.
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because i think the stakes of what we face in this time are just profound. i think this president and the on thisho serve him alternate reality track are posing a clear and present danger to the future of our country. that was hillary clinton last night at the warner theatre. .ou can watch it on our website it's the 30th anniversary of our video library on our website. happened 30vent years ago 30 minutes ago or last night you can find it on our library. we are talking this morning about hillary clinton's what happened book. we want to hear your thoughts. phone lines this morning democrats (202) 748-8000, republicans (202) 748-8001, independents (202) 748-8002.
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your thoughts. hillary clinton conducting several media interviews. this story from npr catching a lot of attention yesterday. headline clinton won't rule out questioning 2016 election that says no clear means to do so. from an interview with terry gross of npr's fresh air saying clinton acknowledgment and that such a challenge would be unprecedented and i just don't think we have a mechanism for doing it would we want to hear your thoughts this morning. phone lines are a in. debbie is a first in flint, michigan on the line for democrats. caller: good morning. i'm a big hillary fan. had hillary known earlier that four meno run against -- trump, putin, comey and the
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guy that owns the national enquirer she would have done things quite a bit differently. i watched the cyber programming that was on before this and i'm very disappointed with companies making all of this money off of this false data. there's no way to censor these without giving in to first amendment rights. i think these people are more concerned about making money. hadhe last month you have to republican only days and one trump supporter day. democratecall any days. i would like to see some inequality there. have a good day sir. mix up the try to lines every so often. we will take the feedback. is in michigan as well. for republicans. good morning. good morning.
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i was listening to mrs. clinton and the point she pointed out the truth and facts should not replaced by partisanship politics and propaganda and stuff i agree with her. the trouble is she should practice what she preaches. her and her husband had in my opinion the bonnie and clyde of american politics. i was a designer when her husband was in office. leavehed our factories this country because i designed factories. and i designed the automation that went into them. these factories were just leaving this nation like crazy. i said to my boss what is this?
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he said it's expansion, dave. that's hunky-dory if it's expansion. i was misled. we were shutting down in this country and opening up in mexico, canada and all points north south east and west other than america all under the supervision of bill clinton and george w. like thesemed businesses were giving carrots to leave. it truly did. the way they spoke. i spoke to different higher-ups in some of the auto industry where i was working and they were given carrots to leave. happened byok, what hillary rodham clinton. bookwrites, it's the first with post a question and the
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answer on the front cover. no need to read what's inside. she blames everyone else but herself. isn't this the typical left excuse. one more comment this morning. saying hillary clinton is brilliant, measured, calm and has an important story to tell. her interviews about what happened have been mesmerizing and informative. we want to hear your thoughts this morning. ,emocrats (202) 748-8000 republicans (202) 748-8001, independents (202) 748-8002. rodney is on the line for independents. caller: i think she should be locked up and should be eating crow. gazi wereen people in killed because of her and her and her husband both are dishonest. i didn't vote for trump because i don't think he's honest.
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think she's a very crooked politician and her husband is, too. she had a good teacher, her husband. host: who is honest, rodney? caller: i said they are dishonest. host: who do think is honest in government today? anyone? caller: i think the last one was probably john f. kennedy. host: shelley in washington, d.c. go ahead. yes.r: i did listen to a lot of the book tour presentation last night that was broadcast on way and as always i am impressed with hillary clinton's ability to speak. some truth to me
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that i find disturbing especially when i do listen to the c-span show and hear what other people around the country think. the fake news things. the lack of wanting to believe just basic facts. i find really disturbing in our current situation. i'm not necessarily somebody who thinks oh my gosh, hillary clinton lost. how terrible. that's not wear them coming from. scientistn a essentially all my life. facts and this trying to avoid the facts i find disturbing and i really appreciated what she had to say about that last night. it always makes me feel better that i'm not the only person who
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worries about such things. the last caller brought up in godsey. it's hillary clinton's fault with these people died. it is so much more complicated than that. that's all i had to say. host: here's more of what she had to say last night at that event talking about lessons learned from the campaign. >> i really believed to -- i think in retrospect it was a misconception or it was certainly out of sync with the time in which we live a -- in which we are living and the candidate i ended up running against. i had this idea based on my prior experiences in presidential campaigns going back into the late 60's and 70's that it mattered greatly if you could make clear what you wanted to achieve. it didn't have to have all the details but it was important to
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tell people what you wanted to do because then when you were in office they could judge you on whether or not you were fulfilling that commitment you made. we spent a lot of time making sure that everything i said about policy and how we pay for things and all of that was just bulletproof because i kept thinking at some point it's really going to matter. and for all sorts of reasons it didn't. stayed way too focused on a path that was not the direction the campaign was heading because of the pressures from outside forces, the reality tv candidate i was running against. or ask i was not as adept quick to try to figure out what is a better way for me to try to communicate this.
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host: that was hillary clinton last night in washington, d.c. tom is in woodbridge, virginia. good morning. caller: good morning. thanks for taking my call. c-span is a national treasure. what's really interesting about hillary clinton's perception of all this is the fact that she was caught off guard with the candidate she was against. bottom-line is politics has changed. social media is dominating the political landscape and donald trump is a social media president. and he'sw he operates a professional at it and in why heson to him that's was able to steamroll all the professional politicians because he knows how to appeal to the masses.
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and it's going to revolutionize the way we do politics probably to the detriment. i think what's more important about this is listen very carefully to the nuance of what hillary clinton is saying. what she is saying is things like our country is coming apart at the seams. the world is collapsing. all of our rules of law have been thrown under the bus. 1984. all of this stuff is the typical fear mongering that the democratic party does. mediaon the use of social do you find that politicians more traditional politicians have changed the way they use social media in response to president trump and what they saw from the 2016 campaign? caller: i think they better. if they haven't already started better becausead you have to be able to dominate the social media airwaves.
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they call it fake news. what fake news is the news that people kind of want to believe. they don't need facts. they don't have time to they don't have time to research all of this stuff. most americans don't sit around all day on their computers combing through the historical records and all of the economic data. to migrate to somebody they want to believe. and that's who donald trump was. he was somebody who was very passionate about america and he convinced everybody after his presentation skills and his entertainer skills to believe that he would be a suitable candidate. won exactly through his social media efforts. anybody who has followed policy, follows world
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events and that what donald trump was saying was probably not going to happen but you sure made you feel good about being an american. here's what he did. he basically convinced people there was hope and change without ever having to say hope and change. he just convinced everybody he was the right guy and this is sour grapes on the part of the democratic party. this is been going on for decades. tweet from one active member of congress on froml media, cory gardner colorado in response to that story about hillary clinton clinton refusing to rule out challenging the legitimacy of 2016. he tweeted, i know secretary clinton is trying to sell books but this is wildly are responsible and she should be ashamed. theill show you some of other tweets about hillary clinton's book tour this
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morning. phone lines are open. ray is in the bronx, new york. good morning. caller: good morning. i think this book tour is beginning of hillary's third campaign for the white house. to gooman is determined down in u.s. history as the first woman president. that's what i think she wants her legacy to be. noel is in new york. line for republicans. i am absolutely thrilled that hillary clinton has done this and i can't wait for the sequel. this is the greatest gift republicans have had in years. she is really an amazing sore loser. i think she is not very intelligent. that's the way i look at it.
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anybody who would do this. she's just ruining her party. is these comment i got wiretaps of the president which now have been proven true -- how would it have looked had george bush wiretapped obama's administration before they got in there? the left would be freaking out right now. everybody ought to take a look at that. it's really dangerous to use the fbi to get your political opponents and that's what's going on right now. the story from cnn from last night that's getting a lot of attention. wiretappedigators former trump campaign chairman paul manafort under secret court orders before and after the election. i step involving high-ranking campaign official now at this enter of the russian meddling probe. the government snooping
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continued into earlier this year. some of the intelligence collected includes communications that sparked concerns among investigators that men afford had encouraged the russians to help in the campaign according to sources familiar with the investigation. order was authorized by the court that handles foreign intelligence surveillance. it began after men afford became the subject of an fbi investigation in 2014. that story getting a lot of attention this morning from cnn last night. jim is in texas on the line for independents. good morning. yes sir. i'm going to tell you what happened. she lost the election. now she has lost her mind. how much money has she given to the victims here in texas? donald trump has given a sizable sum. she doesn't do anything but take and what she does give is blame.
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and that's it in a nutshell, sir. on the line for democrats. go ahead. caller: thank you for allowing me to speak. mrs. clinton is very qualified to be president. donald trump is not. you can tell just from everything that he's doing so .ar he's even violent. that video that he just put on tv where he hits mrs. clinton with a ball and knocks her out, that's violent. that's not something that i want to teach to my grandchildren or my children. these republicans talking about wanting to believe alternative facts. he doesn't have time to do any research to find out if something is true.
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that's making excuses. and you will trump be suffering the consequences because now they are talking about a health care bill that going to take away benefits from republicans the voted for trump and the people that are on the -- obamacare have even said didn't you hear him say that he was going to repeal and take away that health care? they claim, i didn't believe him. excusesre just making and that's enough said. thank you for allowing me to talk today. host: on the golfing retreat by of the spliced video has gotten a lot of attention in recent days
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including weighing in last night. the former vice president joe biden said, just had the chance to see president trump's golf swing tweet. enough. this has to stop. our children are watching. congress whor of tweeted, senator dianne feinstein putting out a statement saying the president sunday morning tweet of that video depicting an attack on hillary clinton is appalling and disgusting. he continues to obsessively lash out at her as -- at his rallies in a manner that is utterly unbecoming of the president of the united states. everyone of us should be offended by the vindictive and candidly dangerous messages the president says that demean all women. last night in her statement. getting your thoughts this morning. you can keep calling in. we want to hear your view of hillary clinton's what happened book tour.
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as your calling in we want to ,heck in with jonathan lamere the associated press white house reporter following president trump today as he makes this much-anticipated speech at the united nations. good for you to join us this morning. i know it's a busy day for you. what do we know about what the president is going to say in new york today? >> thanks for having me. it is a milestone moment for the any unitedo address nations general assembly. particularly for this one. donald trump is still largely a foreign policy novice. he is someone who throughout the ,ampaign espoused the values the national slogan of america first. he has talked about withdrawing america's global footprint. he has rattled old alliances. in may he made his first speech
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at the nato headquarters in brussels. he scolded the world leaders to their faces about not paying their fair share for the organization's dues. he also refused to explicitly back the article five mutual defense pact. today his aides are signaling that it might be a slightly softer approach. we saw yesterday he did urge the human to adopt some reforms. i expect to hear that again today. we certainly will hear tough talk about north korea. aides have suggested he will also talk about the countries that have enabled north korea. to be china.eve it's unclear if he will actually mention that country by name. he will also talk about the deteriorating situation in venezuela, iran, he will talk about the need to fight terror and the situation in syria. one thing we've learned about it'sing this president is
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hard to know exactly what he will do until he does it himself. we haveother thing learned about covering this president is he does tweet often. he tweeted about this speech today saying, big day at the united nations. many good things and some tricky ones happening. we have a great team. take speech at 10:00 a.m. -- big speech at 10:00 a.m. what do you think he is referred to? -- referring to? >> this is a moment for leaders around the world to make their measure of the man. he has gone to a few international summits. he has hosted some of these leaders at the white house. for the vast majority of people in this room this is their first taste of donald trump. speech where every line is
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significant has the potential to rattle foreign capital or move a market. the behind-the-scenes stories this week is the paris climate agreement. he spoke about it yesterday with the french president who of course lobbied him yet again to try and stay in. the president according to a readout provided by state department aides said his main issue was fairness. he didn't think the deal was fair to the united states. it was a wellk negotiated contract for the u.s.. he has suggested he is still interested in things like clean raises clean water which the possibility that perhaps the deal could be renegotiated. that's not the kind of thing that would happen this week. east peacehe middle process is another one. that's always a major subject at events like these. he meets with the palestinians
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later in the week. this is a week for donald trump where he's going to be able to put forth his vision for the world which many world leaders are still nervous to hear. going to be having to sit through these meetings and talk to world leaders about their issues. he won't always set the agenda. it will be interesting to see how he reacts. we have often looked at what meetings the president is having on the sidelines. president putin is not going to be there this week. of china ist supposed to be there as well. who are the world leaders we know the president will be having a sidebar meeting with. >> you are right about the world leaders that won't be there. he didn't speak to the president by phone yesterday. netanyahu from israel yesterday. over the next couple of days he's talking to leaders in afghanistan.
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he's got a meeting with theresa may of great britain. the timing is striking. it comes days after theresa may criticized the president for weighing in on that london subway attack before he knew all the facts and was critical of investigators in the u.k. will meet with leaders of ukraine, afghanistan. today the main event is the speech this morning. this afternoon and the next two you will meet with other foreign leaders in hotels in new york. he has a robust scheduler particularly for his first u.n. general assembly. host: we appreciate your time this morning. that general assembly meeting at the united nations in new york expected to get underway at
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9:30. president trump is expected to begin his speech this morning. we will show it to you live here on c-span, you can also listen to it on the c-span radio app. until then we are talking about hillary clinton and her book, what happened. the bookstore, some of the comments she has made here and we want to hear your thoughts. on the line for republicans, good morning. aller: good morning to what wonderful topic as hillary goes on her book whining tour. not signing, but whining. she is so pathetic. she is an embarrassment to women and america. her arrogance is just astounding. she needs to move on already and stop whining. it's the way it's been done forever. host: what's an example of the
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arrogance you are seeing on this book tour? blame: she wants to everybody. as far as i'm concerned that's arrogant. she wants to blame white people. she blames comey. fox news. she blames alternative facts. let us not forget russia. who i believe had nothing to do with it. 63 million of us voted for trump. i don't know donald trump but i didn't like any of the others running on the republican side and i sure didn't want hillary to win because i could see nothing of value that she was going to bring. host: on the line for independents. go ahead. it boils down to three things. hillary is a politician who is trying to make money. goldman sachs, time warner, several others were her biggest donor. you can do a search online and you will find that out yourself. it goes down to who she serves.
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hillary is a politicianfor the s people are tired of being ignored. they want to be put first and not corporations first. she relied on the power of old media. it's one way media. it's a megaphone where you can say what you want and your views aren't challenged. the rising media platform now is the internet where everything is challenged. points aren't sufficient on the internet. you have to actually defend your ideas and have substance behind them. you can't just tell them what you want. you have to actually listen. is the biggest reason why she lost is she disrespected and alienated progressives from day one. it's hard enough to win in politics. as a democrat when you have all of your base behind you which means liberals and some
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independents and progressives. it's harder when you alienate progressives from the jump and she has done all of those things. those are things that she did. she can't pass the buck for the things she did to other people. at some point you have to take responsibility. that's on her. in the washington times wrapup of hillary clinton's book tour and book event last night they write that hillary clinton has been especially harsh on senator bernie sanders the dumont -- the vermont independent who energized progressives. centerbook she says the was more interested in transforming the democratic party than he was in ensuring that mr. trump or any other republican was kept out of the white house. over theor fired back weekend disputing the notion that he didn't do enough on behalf of mrs. clinton. i worked as hard as i could to see that hillary clinton would be elected president. richard is in massachusetts.
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line for democrats. good morning. good morning. thank you for c-span. i watch you guys a lot. i got a few comments to make about this. first of all, i was a hillary supporter. she has been demonized. her and her husband. he did a great job as president. , balance theuntry budget. she was a great statesman in the senate and the secretary of state, she has dedicated her life to public service. she has been on the side of women rights and people with disabilities, the common man, health care in regard to the , she's educated, articulate. she's got a wonderful background made a would have
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great president and a forget she got 3 million more votes than the individual we got sitting in the white house. don't ever underestimate the stupidity of the american people. anybody who falls for the guy we got sitting in the white house right now nothing shocks me anymore. listening to his language, his , he tells the truth when he feels like it and he gets the support from his base which is incredible. i watched over the weekend a professor from san francisco, he's not on the west coast. mentioned the republican party and the confederacy from 150 years ago is done. they are actually in the same boat. it's a non-shooting civil war. that's what we are in now. listen to the rhetoric against hillary. how about the rhetoric about donald trump? the language he uses against women. how he mocked people with
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disabilities. it's the average citizen, the average working man thinks he's going to do anything for them -- they are whistling dixie. this guy is a corporate. he made all of his money from defrauding all of the banks in new york. all of the casinos in atlantic city. i heard a description of him from politicians from upstate new york. thet think of the name of city right now who phrased him well by calling him a double crosser. if there is one description of donald trump that's what he is. speaking of the words the president uses. hillary clinton talked about attending the inauguration, listening to the president's inaugural address. here's what she had to say. >> part of the reason i was motivated to write this is because of what happened at the inauguration. i write the first chapter about what it felt like to go to the
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inauguration and what a hard how ion it was but thought that it was important to show continuity of our government. i was certainly hoping to hear words of reconciliation and bring the country together after a very divisive campaign. didn't hear that and i felt very about that inauguration. i have been to a bunch of them. i have been when people i supported won and when people is supported lost. this was different. this was not a normal inauguration. and then it was made even more surreal with the claims about the crowd size and the introduction of alternative facts. , this isrted thinking much more than just transfer from a two-term democratic
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unusualt to an republican president. and i just couldn't -- i how big aeally grasp challenge they intended to impose to facts and evidence and reason. all of which are fundamental to the functioning of a democracy. like ours. [applause] when i saw that, i thought this than any transfer of presidential power that i'm aware of in recent history. assumption that the new administration was operating on. of theirrazenness
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attempt to distort reality and impose their version of facts and truth on all the rest of us despite what we saw with our own eyes. if you missed that event last night at the warner theatre you can watch it in its entirety on her website at you can watch all of our events on our c-span video library. our 30th anniversary of the video library. celebrating it here at c-span. listening to your thoughts on hillary clinton's what happened book and the book tour she is been going on. tom is in fort lauderdale on the line for republicans. good morning. good morning. hillary clinton only believes in two things. deception and power. with deception being the majority. campaignlinton, her was more barack obama with some bernie sanders thrown in.
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americamiddle class of who hasn't gotten a raise in a raise in eight years heard that, new there was going to be more economic stagnation under her presidency and they voted for donald trump who promised to get the economy going and by gosh he's doing it. the main difference between donald trump and hillary clinton can be seen live on television. donald trump had passion for what he was saying and he believed in what he was saying and hillary clinton did not. let's go to this idea that the election may be challenged. this election will not be challenged. if there is an election to be challenged it will be new ispshire where there increasing evidence that voter fraud occurred in new hampshire. so here's my challenge to you and the media. a lot is being made of the russian interference that
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influenced them americans who can't tell the difference something that's a fraud. my challenge to you in the media business. , the whatever that the russians perpetrated on the net states. shoving example of it. i have yet to see an example. of russian media or propaganda. show me this powerful piece of russian propaganda that swung the election. it's ridiculous. this is the most preposterous waste of time thing that is ever happened in this nation. i just cannot believe it. thank you very much. different views on the russia probe on the opinion pages of usa today. the editorial board with this column, with the russian inquiry there's plenty to see here. by anposing the written
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advisor to president trump. if you want to read those pieces on the pages of usa today. in oklahoma on the line for independents. good morning. good morning. i wanted to make a comment about hittingeet of golf ball hillary. she really did stumble and fall in the plane. so that did happen and someone spliced together the gulf boulevard hitting her. very juvenileit's and he shouldn't have retreated. but where was the outrage from biden and feinstein when kathy griffin held up a severed head of trump. and when the shakespeare in the trump eatingwed stabbed repeatedly with blood gushing all over.
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it's just a double standard of where everyone can say and do that heng against trump does something against hillary or the democrats they go on and on. a few tweets. josh writes that hillary clinton has every right and ought to tell her story. she received 3 million more votes than the republican candidate. carol says, hillary can't get over the fact that she lost. dean asks, what happened paul manafort and donald trump are themselves five the warrants for illegal ties to russia. they stole the election. on the line for democrats. caller: thanks for taking my
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call. one thing i would like to comment on is it seems like they are defending trump a little too hard. they feel guilty. i don't recall when the tables were turned that we were calling and putting that much defense into anything that barack obama did. she is writing a book and she's allowed to say what she feels. this is a free country. i think the republicans are putting too much attention to someone who didn't win the election. so, get over it. the other thing is let health care hole. that's what the republicans want. that's what these republicans voted for. they are the ones who are going to suffer. i say let them have it. in alabama on the line for republicans. go ahead. caller: i would like to make a
7:45 am
comment on her book signing. i think there should be another book written about her excuses and then put it in the comedy section of the barnes & noble. thank you. in jackson, louisiana. line for republicans. go ahead. caller: actually i'm on independent line but thanks for taking my call. you asked about how her book tour is going. i'm not following her on a book tour and i don't know whether she is selling books or not. the question should be more how do you view her book i haven't read her book. i can comment on the soundbites you have been showing. to me the most comical one and is most tragic from hillary the alternate reality soundbite. administration -- to tell us about what happened in benghazi. to stoplike for hillary
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giving her alternative reality fats and somebody give us the truth. i am tired of listening to hillary. she lost. please go on and do something good for the country and the rest of the world. now that theis legitimacy of our country is at stake. it's ridiculous and shouldn't. living in alternative reality land. in a rare act of bipartisanship the new york ames writes the senate passed 700 billion dollar defense policy bill yesterday that sets forth the muscular vision of america as a global power with the pentagon budget that far exceeds what president trump has asked. the -- a point of personal pride for senator john mccain.
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in their wrapup of that the washington post notes that senate leaders were unable to strike a deal to schedule votes on several proposed limits to that legislation meaning that highly anticipated debates over whether to increase sanctions against challenge thed ban on transgender troops never happened on the senate floor yesterday. speaking of military matters one other story that was talked program the navy firing and investigations into separate deadly collisions. commander and the captain of theiremoved on monday for roles in separate crashes that killed 17 sailors and left
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hundreds of millions of dollars in damage to the vessels. today on capitol hill at 10:00 when this program and the senate armed services committee is holding a hearing to talk about naval operations in the wake of those accidents. that's happening at 10:00 and you can watch it. check c-span for details. the u.s. ambassador to russian nomination hearing for jon huntsman happening in senate foreign relations committee also at 10:00. c-span.orgo watch on . back to your calls. talking about hillary clinton's book tour and her book, what happened. on the line for democrats. go ahead. caller: you know what, it is so sad in america when we are women
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that are calling in defending a -- i mean that's advocating violence what donald trump did. the golf ball hitting hillary clinton in her back. that is violence. arewe are women that calling on this show defending that. i don't understand that. as far as hillary clinton going on a book tour, get over it. this is america. she has a right to go on a book tour and say whatever she wants to say. you don't say anything when donald trump -- he is a pathological liar. donald trump is a pathological liar and you call about hillary and say she's pathological? please. we have spineless wimp republican men that will not stand up against this president. donald trump headline from the day that he came out running for president. and he is still lying.
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and he is advocating violence against women. that why he won the election. because of white women and white men. in boyertown, pennsylvania. line for republicans. going. does go ahead. -- go ahead. caller: what happened. let's see. about theghazi, how clinton foundation. how about that we are just tired of looking at hillary clinton on tv and her big fat pig husband bill. john is in fairfax, virginia. line for independents. go ahead. i was listening to some of the comments this morning. hows really appalled by personal people are getting on both sides. amazing this country is so divided at this point.
7:51 am
i don't want to comment on either side. i know there are so many things you can say. somebody writing a book about her experience should not have to be brought down to this level. however, donald trump is our president and we need to move on. and criticize him for his policies. not what happened in the past. i'm not quite sure what anyone can do to bring this country together. the path that we are headed i'm not quite sure where we will end up. with all of the issues around the world. thank you very much for taking my call. a lot of those issues being discussed at the united nations and president trump will be addressing the united nations today. we're going to end our program at 10:00. the un's general assembly will get underway today. the president not expected to
7:52 am
speak until the half-hour. we will show you live at you and headquarters in new york city. you can watch it here on c-span. diane in knoxville, illinois. go ahead. as someone who has actually read the book i recommend that people read the book. this book is very insightful. ands her personal views there are approximately my understanding that all i'm doing helpde they're trying to to encourage more people to run. there are 13,000 women stepping up to be part of the arena and if you want to be in the arena or part of it i recommend you read the book. it is an read and that's all i have to say. read it before you comment on
7:53 am
it. it's a wonderful book. here's more from hillary clinton last night at the warner theatre commenting on her book. say aidn't want to just few more words about the future because that's really what i am most focused on. i think it was important to figure out what happened in andr to be better prepared some of it is institutional. some of it is attitude. it can all have an effect on not just our politics and who we are as americans. a lot ofrned that permission has been given to people to be very bigoted, to be prejudiced. to lash out at others based on or race andgender
7:54 am
every other kind of identifying characteristic. so i think it's very important that we not grow weary in standing up for what we see as core american values not permitting the clock to be turned back and people's progress to be reversed. that was hillary clinton last night at the warner theatre. time for a few more calls on her book tour. nathaniel in st. petersburg, florida. go ahead. caller: good morning. it's a very interesting conversation because i am a colin powell republican. some people say -- you went to the human and spoke this way and that way. got misinformation. he spoke honorably about something he was misinformed of. starting off with that i would like to say that if hillary would have done what john f. kennedy did to be seen night
7:55 am
other parts of his party by having johnson as being his running mate. if hillary situation would have been -- a sitdown with burning and say, let's get together. we can do this. went thereason hillary opposite way. it was the wrong thing to do. i want to say this very quickly. something that donald is doing that -- if you listen to his soundbites when he was running he said that he would allow other countries to have nuclear weapons. said that he would bomb the -- out of everybody. otheractually encourages countries to go ahead and do this. interesting to see how he is sitting on the sidelines right now. he's not bombing the heck out of anybody. not stopping them from
7:56 am
having the weapons of mass destruction. it's kind of interesting he's actually doing what he said he was going to do. i don't dislike him. i just don't favor him because how can you pardon the person that a judge has already convicted who happens to be in charge? he happens to be the big chief in town and you pardon him for violating other people's civil rights? that's not the way to handle humanitarianism. topic,n the north korea and about half an hour we are going to be talking about the north korean nuclear threat options the united states perhaps in the cyber space within realm. us, the will be joining former deputy attorney general in new book about that. stick to that conversation. robert is in charlestown, rhode island. go ahead. good morning.
7:57 am
i used to be a democrat and i have become an independent. i want to ask everyone out there that there is so much that has come out about hillary clinton emails, the pay for play. i think this jeff sessions is just a figurehead as far as attorney general. i think the guy that's under him , ron rubenstein, he's pulling jeff sessions strings and i should notify the justice department and see what he's doing because this jeff sessions is just sitting on his dump. should be a special investigation. we should not let people of this caliber -- they should not be able to walk away from crimes they have committed. there's no question hillary ,linton with the play for pay she should have a special counsel. they got a special counsel for
7:58 am
this rush of thing which is absolutely a joke and i used to be a democrat. they should expose her and get to the bottom. ishink this jeff sessions just a figurehead. he is so stupid it's not funny. host: last caller in this segment. go ahead. caller: i think if hillary clinton wants to send books -- sell books she should print out the 30,000 females. this is the most corrupt person i have ever seen in politics. she is pay for play. it's all about her and all about power. we will be joined by sir ronald sanders, antiguan & barbudan ambassador to the united states who will discuss the impact of hurricane irma on his country and the caribbean islands. later former deputy assistant attorney general john yoo discusses the threat posed by north korea's nuclear weapons program. stick around. all coming up this morning on the washington journal.
7:59 am
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